Tuesday, 3 May 2022


This year, on Saturday 30th of April, the 1st "Art for Change" Solidarity Art Festival was held in Bueu, organized by IES Johan Carballeira. The main goal of this festival is to achieve social change through art. This first edition focused on caring for the environment, especially the ocean, so the funds raised were sent to BDRI Association through the sponsorship of a whale. Attendees voted to choose the name of the whale. The most voted was "Udra". Schools and cultural associations from the area (Bueu, Cangas, Pontevedra) took part in this festival. In addition to the activities that took place in the different stands of the tent installed in the Plaza Massó, there were other activities such as concerts, exhibitions, workshops,... which were held in different places throughout our town. Our school participated in a stand called "Friends of Papirus" in which many diferent products and decorations related to the sea were sold. They were made by all the students of the different levels of our school, even the youngest!!

The students of pre-primary education from 4 years-old have made a new version of whirligigs and some pendants. Look at these nice contributions:

The primary students from years 1 and 2 have made nice decorative magnets with the silhouettes of some sea animals. Look at some of their jobs:    



The students of year 3 have made some nice brooches/pins using some sea animals as inspiration. Look at the results:
The students of year 4 have made beautiful earrings and necklaces also with the silhouettes of some sea animals. We can see them during the elaboration process and we can also admire their final artworks:
The students of year 5 have made fantastic and scented soaps from different colours and sizes with the silhouettes of some sea animals as well. Look at their nice artworks: 

The students of year 6 have made very useful hair clips, keyrings and some paper/photo holders also with the silhouettes of some sea animals. Look at their fantastic artworks: 




Some students at the school library in their fee time have also made some nice and useful corner bookmarks with the silhouettes of some sea animals. Look at their nice jobs: 


Our School stand was attended and coordinated by some teachers and especially by Papirus' assistants. It was a real success!! Everything has been sold!! Look at some photos which show how the day was.

Monday, 11 April 2022


In our school Easter was celebrated this year with some nice easy and useful crafts. They have made some different models of Easter bunny baskets to fill them with chocolate eggs which is a delicious way to celebrate this festivity. These are some photos of their jobs: